About this Site

This is one of a network of sites dedicated to support the AI community. For more information see Informed.AI If you are a company or agency that has one or more job openings related to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning you are free to post them onto this site. We are a new site, but have a strong network and community of people who are interested in this field.


New to Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning or Data Science?

If you are new to the field of Data Science, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, there are a number of good resources available to help you find out more. We recommend the following:

  • into.AI – the home of Artificial Intelligence information
  • Events.AI – find meet ups and conferences about AI and machine learning
  • Neurons.AI – the networking site for AI Practitioners, including meetups at Chapters.Neurons.AI
  • Awards.AI – the Annual Global Achievement Awards for AI
  • Showcase.AI – Quarterly Showcase, Conference and Virtual Summit


Useful Links


Preparing for that Interview

In the News – Careers in AI

Career Profiles

  • Becoming A Data Scientist Documenting my path from “SQL Data Analyst pursuing an Engineering Master’s Degree” to “Data Scientist”


Please let us know if there are additional information resources that should be available here. Send us an email with the details. Sharing useful information helps everyone.